Electrical design
Design electrical installations (residential, commercial and public building etc.)
Preparation of electrical system design, implementation computerized drafting, consultation and coordination meetings, project supervision, preparation of written
And the estimated quantities for the project. Coordination with the electricity company, Bezeq, Hot and Tl"c.
Lighting for road development
Lighting plans for site development and roads, light central planning, coordination with the electricity company, Bezeq, HOT
And Tl"c, conducting computerized format programs, preparation of quantities, estimates and technical specifications.


Planning for Air Conditioning Systems
Facilities Planning for Air Conditioning Systems
PlanningAir Conditioning various systems (chiller, VRF, water source, etc.). Ventilation system design, planning
Channels, thermal load calculations, preparation BILL, estimate and technical specifications, preparation of programs in
Computerized supervision.


planning systems for evacuation and smoke release CO 
Smoke release systems design driveways and high rise buildings in accordance with Standard 1001, planning CO removal systems
LPG driveways, planning CO LPG detection system, a computerized format editing programs, preparation of stock quantities,
Estimates and technical specifications.
Gas filtration system design for shelters and protected areas
Gas filtration system design requirements according to Civil Defense.
Making plans computerized editing BILL estimated and technical specifications, supervision.
Designing kitchens evaporation facilities
Evaporation systems design kitchens, air filtration system design according to environmental requirements, planning
 automatic shutdown systems for Hoods, making plans in a computerized format, preparation of stock quantities, estimate and specification
Technical supervision.
Green Energy
Green energy system design
Planning systems generate electricity using photovoltaic systems and weather vanes using GRID ON / OFF GRID, coordination with the utility and Electricity Authority for a license production, editing submissions to the Committee
For obtaining building permits.
Preparation of computerized programs, preparation of stock quantities, estimates and technical specifications, supervision.
BOT tender preparation
BOT tender preparation, tender text editing performance tours to characterize the potential construction of installations,
Engineering supervision at all stages of the project including the preparation of plans, preparation of tender documents, tender guidance, support and supervision
Construction of the project.




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