Our office is located on nesher, hamasger 4, 1st floor.
Tel: 04-8739070/1 Fax: 04-8739050
Our firm serves: Municipalities (Kiryat Ata, Kiryat Motzkin, Afula, etc.), regional councils (Gilboa Regional Council, Regional Council Menashe Regional Council Kfar Tavor, etc.), local (Yokneam mm, mm Light Akiva, etc.), various kibbutzim, different seats, Ministry of Defense Mna"r Amo"n Division, Ministry of Education, Israel Police, subsidiaries economic, Social Security, Department of Construction of the israeli post Office, Department of Construction of Discount bank, engineering and Development Department Technion Haifa , Hollis co',sherbat .co', Pritzker co' and more private entrepreneurs 
Our firm has nine employees involved in management planning and Inspection systems for outdoor lighting, lighting design, design of electrical systems, high voltage systems design, control systems design, green energy and design air conditioning systems, ventilation and smoke release



Electrical design
Design electrical installations (residential, commercial and public building etc.)
Preparation of electrical system design, implementation computerized drafting, consultation and coordination meetings, project supervision, preparation of written


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